Jack Glidden | Pasadena Film Photography

We’re back at the office working hard on weddings and trying to make our place look like a home yet again. I feel like it took us about 2 years to get to that place on our last apartment. Everything used to fit like a puzzle piece so now we’re trying to see how it all fits in this place. I am so amazed at the amount of stuff that two human beings and one dog can own. Wishing I had the heart to get rid of most of this stuff. But in despite of the move and the chaos in our place, we are loving being so close to Old Town Pasadena! We have been walking to go out to eat, which we could never ever do in Azusa. I love this place and I love these summer nights when the heat of the day is leaving and all you get is that cool SoCal breeze.

Also, here are some photos of my little spidey pupĀ 

Canon eos 3 | Portra 800 | Scanned by Richard Photo Lab

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