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A year of Thankfulness

Last year I wrote a blog post of all the things I was thankful for. Well, not all, but a lot of them. This year I wanted to do the same but didn’t want to sound repetitive because I am still thankful for all of those things! So I decided that this year I’m going to be thankful for new things, things that a year ago I didn’t even know were coming!

1. All the new clients I have met this year. I am so incredibly humbled and overjoyed to work with such awesome people. I feel so blessed to have the coolest clients! So grateful for you guys!

2. All the weddings I got to shoot this year! I shot weddings in Florida, Northern California and Southern California. I am so thankful for every single person that trusts me to document one of the most important days of their lives!

3. My sweet little Jack. We were not planning to get a dog this year at all! I’m so so glad this little guy came into our lives. He keeps me company while Matt is gone and cuddles with me all the time. He is always excited to see me and always forgets that I yell at him (not always a good thing, but still). I had no idea you could love a dog so much!

4. No more school! Oh sweet Lord, after being in school for way too long (20 years to be exact) I am finally free from homework and papers and books I don’t want to read! Thank you Lord!

5. Being a full time photographer. I’m just amazed by God’s ways. They’re always better and they always surprise me!

6. Finding love in reading again. I think school killed my desire to read. I am really rebellious and part of me hates doing something cause I have to so I just never read. Since I graduated I have been reading books I wanna read and I am absolutely loving it!

7. New friendships. Friends make my heart rejoice!!

8. Learning about finances and budgets. Thanks to Dave Ramsey and Financial Peace University!

9. Zach and Jody and CreativeLIVE! Having the opportunity to be part of a CreativeLIVE audience grew my business is such an awesome way!

10. Winning a canon 70-200mm 2.8 lens from Scott Bourne! It happened at the beginning of the year and it still amazes me!

11. Having the chance to go to London this summer and seeing the Olympics live! It was such an awesome experience!

12. Lara Cassey and Making Things Happen. After going to MTH 2012 I feel like I have this newfound hope that wasn’t there before. I feel like I can make things happen. I can make my life happen, instead of life just happening to me.

13. Cooking. In our first 2 years of marriage, I wasn’t much of a cook. Poor husband. But this year I have slowly been learning more and trying to find joy, if not in cooking, at least in knowing my husband is a happy guy with a full belly.

14. Working out. Me and work out. We don’t really get along but over the past couple of months I have been trying to kick laziness to the curb and I’m trying to be more consistent, which included me signing up for a half marathon. Pure craziness.

15. Starting to declutter our place and feeling so good about it. Less stuff, more peace and happiness:)

16. And I’m especially thankful for the Lord and his neverending love and grace upon my life. This year has had its ups and downs but it has been good because through every struggle the Lord has grown me and has drawn me closer to Him.

I hope you guys have incredible day surrounded by your loved ones!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!

Happy thanksgiving from the gliddensPhoto taken by my lovely friend and fellow photographer, Kenzie Kate


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